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Our Team

Monique Wilber:

Monique is the head dreamer and designer of our green weddings.  Monique works the business as Owner and Creative Director. She’s been in the wedding business for 30 years, creating floral designs, coordinating wedding planning and carefully attending to logistics. She is an experienced speaker, and enjoys officiating at weddings, especially in adventurous locations (whether that is in a Sierra meadow on the Pacific Crest Trail, or in front of a downtown mural).    She has advanced degrees in Geography, a teaching credential, and  is interested in sustainability and natural foods and products. In her free time (what’s that??), she enjoys being outside in nature (especially when she is paddling a river or lake or hiking in a high Sierra meadow!), creating art (floral and metalsmithing), and following roads less traveled with her husband Jay and daughter Jessa.  She enjoys discovering new artists, local foods, natural living products, and beautiful scenery.

Jessa Wilber:

Jessa is our style and media pro.  Jessa works the business as a Planner and Designer. Jessa grew up in the wedding industry as well as the specialty coffee industry, and has an eye for design and her finger on what’s new and trending. She has an eye for design, whether it’s hands-on designing a bride’s bouquet, or finding design items that harmonize together.  She’s adept at social media and keeps people interested in our brand.  She assists in choosing local and natural products for our wedding swag bags and to sell online. She has her degree in Environmental Studies, with classes in Communications, and is currently working on her MBA.  In her free time, Jessa enjoys hiking with her border collie, photography, diving, good eats and brew pubs, and flying with her pilot fiancee.

Jay Wilber:

Jay is our always funny but pragmatic logistics dude.  Jay works the business as our R&D Director. He has entrepreneurship in his blood, with his parents having owned many different kinds of businesses including restaurants, extended family with restaurants, and Jay also owned a successful specialty coffee business in Southern California. He has a knack for figuring out the logistics and challenges of catering and location services.  He’s also our pro driver with a Class B license, and learned to drive in Michigan, and lets us know if roads will be a problem for weddings or not, and is great with coming up with solutions.  Jay has a great aptitude for knowing what’s trending in natural foods and products and helps choose our wedding swag and online sales items.  In his free time, Jay enjoys hiking, biking, paddling, driving unknown roads (what’s around the corner??!!!), and being a foodie.


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