We believe in sustainability, not just for our business, but in our daily life.  We do reduce, reuse, and recycle – in fact, we usually have one tiny little bag of trash every week, but our recycling and green waste/composting bin is overflowing; excess water goes out to plants instead of down a drain; we combine car trips and ride-share to reduce our carbon footprint; and I use reusable containers rather than throw-away one-time use containers.

With a background in Environmental Science and Geography, and a Master’s Thesis written about sustainability (Ecology, Equity, & Economy), my goal is to:

  • share ecological wisdom;
  • support local community businesses (including farms),
  • support social justice, so that everyone has educational and economic opportunity;
  • consider global responsibility (think globally, act locally);
  • have eco-friendly and sustainable business practices (reduced paper use, use recycled paper and soy inks, offer rental vases and lovely vintage items that can be returned for reuse, use soy wax instead of paraffin wax candles, source local and Californian-grown flowers, avoid use of floral foam);
  • purchase ethically (union-made, fair-trade, living wage, organic) whenever possible;
  • utilize organics in flowers, food, and consumer products when available to reduce pesticide and toxins load;
  • volunteer for, and donate to, worthwhile charities and causes;
  • live a simple, not lavish, lifestyle;
  • celebrate the outdoors and the joy of nature;
  • tread lightly while outdoors;
  • live sustainably and ethically; and
  • follow a vegetarian way of life.

What does this mean for your wedding?

You may not notice anything, and just have the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve done all I can through my business practices and personal ethics to green your wedding and promote sustainability. I am an absolute favorite of wedding couples choosing rustic or outdoor weddings, in particular.

Leftover flowers (I order a margin of flowers more than calculated, much like a caterer, just in case) are donated to the local high school’s FFA Florist classroom, or designed and given to local nursing home residents.

You will also note that I encourage your own creativity, and you will find that my designs are simply beautiful, focusing on design and the flowers themselves, but not huge, expensive, and overdone.  Overdone is over.

If you choose an all-inclusive wedding or a styled pop-up wedding where food is served, my first choice is reusable china, glassware, and flatware.  If that is not available, then I will be looking for recyclable serveware.

By design, your wedding will be sustainable.

Help you achieve an eco-friendly, sustainable wedding

Whether you hire me to design your wedding flowers and decor, or you hire me for concierge/planning services, I will make suggestions to you that promote an eco-friendly and sustainable wedding. You will make the choice, of course, of what you would like to do.

Your wedding is what YOU want, not what society and current culture and advertisements leads you to believe is required.

Sustainable weddings have different meanings to different people. A sustainable wedding can be:

  • Simple;
  • Intimate, with only family and close friends invited;
  • Organic;
  • Environmentally-responsible;
  • Socially-responsible;
  • Cruelty-free or vegan;
  • Utilize local, in-season, “farm-to-fork” foods;
  • Frugal and less expensive;
  • Less consumption-oriented;
  • More about your family and close friends;
  • More meaningful and authentic; and
  • Demonstrates your personal values.

A sustainable and eco-friendly wedding can be beautiful, creative, elegant, and unforgettable! Let us help you define your wedding in a way that is in tune with your personal beliefs and lifestyle.

Charitable Causes

I donate a percentage of my gross sales to charitable causes.  Charities that I am passionate about include those that support:

  • children and youth at risk;
  • the elderly;
  • animal welfare;
  • education and opportunity for disadvantaged communities;
  • social justice causes; and
  • environmental causes.

If you have a particular 501(c)3 charity or category mentioned above that you would like your wedding to support, please let me know.

Some of the causes I have donated to, and my family has volunteered their time for, include;

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